Best Head Lice Treatment At Home – 100% Natural Remedies & Prevention From Head Lice

Best Head Lice Treatment

Unfortunately, no one is immune from the contagion of head lice, as well as from a bad cold. One must not despair and be ashamed if lice appeared in the head. To make sure in the presence or absence of these parasites, comb out your hair over a white sheet. If there are lice in your head, you’ll discover them easily. Some of them you’ll see on a white sheet. So, in this article, we’re going to consider how to get rid of lice most efficiently and quickly.

What Is The Best Head Lice Treatment  at Home

best head lice treatment Trying to get rid of head lice nits at home, it is worth remembering that lice and nits are different from each other. What works for lice, it is harmless against nits. The best head lice treatment at home is not an easy and a long-term task which requires considerable efforts.

There is an ancient method of dealing with lice. Spread your hair with kerosene and wrap your head with a towel. Keep it on your head for less than 2 hours. After that wash your hair thoroughly and comb it.

 It is very efficient and useful to rub cranberry juice in the skin of the head. It peels the nits from the hair. You need to do it for five or seven days. The most radical, rapid and reliable method in the struggle with head lice can be closely cropped head. But not all people want to use this method.

best head lice treatment

 To get rid of head lice you should comb out the lice with a comb which has tiny and frequent teeth. Vinegar with water is also a good home remedy for head lice. Add two tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water. Moisten your hair with this solution thoroughly. Then wash the hair. Vinegar dissolves the glue that attaches nits to the hair carefully. Lice are becoming less active. Our parents used dust soap. It is a handy tool.


Natural Remedies of Best Head Lice Treatment

For the best head lice treatment, you can make the following remedy. Pour two tablespoons of grass mint in one glass of pomegranate juice. It is desirable to use natural juice, boil it for ten minutes. Applying it to local rubbings in the head is necessary. In the pharmacy, you can buy the remedy against lice in the composition of which benzyl benzoate includes. These remedies are beneficial.

 beast head lice treatmentLice lay eggs behind the ears, and on the back of the head, therefore, it is recommended to lubricate the essential oils in these parts of the head for the prevention of lice from time to time — for example, lavender or tea tree oils. Essential oils prevent the emergence of the lice, but not relieve them. It is desirable to use essential oils for the prevention of people, who are in permanent contact with infected people.

 Of course, home remedies for lice are very well. Their efficiency is 90%. Undoubtedly, these remedies can be used at home, but with caution. You should not use kerosene for long hair. Kerosene is fat, and it is washed long, and this spoils the hair. Vinegar dries the hair. Moreover, the concentrated solution of vinegar can burn the skin of the head. The vinegar kills lice, but it does not eliminate the nits.

The Most Efficient and Best Head Lice Treatment

There is a stereotype that only untidy and dirty people like homeless persons and tramps can catch lice. But it is radically erroneous because even well-off and well-groomed people can pick up this contagion. Even a short contact with a carrier’s comb or clothes is enough for lice to be passed on to another person.

Symptoms of Head Lice

Skin itch and redness are the symptoms. So, if you notice your relative or friend continually scratching his head, perhaps, it’s time for him to take specific measures. A human body can be a home to three lice species: head, body and pubic lice. Head lice, which stems from its name, infest the head, body lice attach their eggs to clothes and live there, and pubic lice can be found in pubic hair. If you are head has lice called pediculosis. You can rid off lice in many ways, including some methods of folk medicine. 

Products should be used for Best Head Lice Treatment

According to many patients’ reviews, a lice comb is the most efficient way to fight head lice. It can be bought in any pharmacy. This kind of comb is equipped with special teeth, which help to comb out parasites easily. The comb “AntiV” has acquired a reputation as the best lice comb. It’s the only simple alternative to chemicals.

Moreover, you can boil it for sterilization, because the comb is made of metal. In addition to it, you can purchase such medical shampoos and lotions as “Pedilin,” “Nittyfor” (known worldwide as “Permethrin”) and so forth. You’d better pay a visit to your nearest pharmacy and ask for chemist’s advice. But all the preceding methods are not enough to be sure of complete delousing. Even a full recovery doesn’t mean that you won’t pick up lice again. That’s why an individual must follow the rules represented below.

Important things need to follow for Best Head Lice Treatment

Clothing, bedding, and towels, which the infected person has used, should be boiled or washed at a high temperature. A temperature of 54ºC will kill almost all adults and stop eggs from hatching. If you are mean not too involved in complete laundering, you can leave the clothes unwashed and unworn for a week. This will result in the death of all lice and their eggs because of the absence of food. Improving personal hygiene will also prevent recurrent disease. A former lice carrier should regularly change his clothes and not to forget to wash his hands. The often, the best. It’s the dogma everyone should abide by, not only those who want to get rid of lice.

If you believe in folk medicine practices, you can make use of its best methods which proved to be rather popular with people because of their efficiency. One of the variants is complete shaving off the hair. But it is evident that not many people will do it. The cheapest way is to buy a bottle of kerosene and one of sunflower oil. These two substances are taken in equal proportion, then mixed and applied to head hair. After that, a plastic bag should be put on the head and fixed on it with the towel. Such a “construction” should remain for 15-20 minutes. After the solution is washed off, a lice comb will be needed.

Best Head lice treatmentFinal combing parasites out of the hair will be the last stage of delousing, according to the method. A medley of DDT soap, kerosene and water will also help to kill lice. But it can be unsafe. Therefore, the best way is to go to the pharmacy and consult the chemist. Remember that using folk methods is fraught with certain risks. Since children frequently suffer from lice, don’t imperil their health. It would be better to see the doctor and buy prescribed medicines.

We’ve looked into the most popular ways of treating the lice illness. It’s up to you what method is better. But the correct decision is not treatment, but prevention. Always use only your toiletries, don’t share combs and clothes with others, avoid untidy people, wash your hands thoroughly, take a shower several times a week and regularly change your clothes. All these measures will not only prevent you from picking up lice, but they will maintain your health on the whole.


Most importantly, remember that if one member of the family has lice, then the rest can also be infected with this unpleasant disease. It is necessary to watch all people in the family for the presence of lice, and promptly handle all means against lice. Clean the house carefully. All clothes which were in contact with the body of the person infected with lice are needed to be processed. Wash all of them, dry and iron.

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