How to Treat Lice 100% Naturally – Check for Head Lice Treat your Child’s Lice

When you suspect that an individual has head lice what is the best way to check? Head lice aren’t something that is noticeable. If you have a child is in school, then you may want to do weekly checks for head lice.

How to Treat Lice – Performing a Check

how to treat liceThe best way on how to check for head lice is to use a plastic comb and begin by parting the hair to reveal the scalp. You will want good lighting so that you can see the louse. Another place to look is behind the ears and also you will want to check the back of the individual’s head.

You will want to look very carefully because if it’s either a new case or a minor case, they could be tough to find. If you aren’t able to see any lice you may want to look for any patchy red areas; any tiny black dots, these are where they would have bitten the scalp, and then, of course, small white eggs, which are nits.

What to Look For

They will range in size. The adults could be as big as a sesame seed, whereas a hatchling will be the size of a poppy seed. As you are looking for them, you will find that, even though they may appear colorless, white, or even tan. This will be before they drink blood. If there are louse eggs, they will be found glued to the individual’s hair and will be seen close to the scalp. These eggs will give the appearance of dandruff.


best head lice treatment

When you find these eggs, you will want to pull it off of the individual’s hair. Use your fingernail and squish it. You will know if it’s an egg if it pops. If you find a bug, you will want to grab it with your thumb and finger. If you are unsure if it is a louse, then you could tape it to a piece of white paper.
It is essential to know how to check for lice. The most important thing is to discover the lice early so that you can adequately take of them. Understanding how what you are looking for and how to check for lice will make it easier.

How to Treat Head Lice

Like any parasite, head lice need to be taken care of as soon as you or your child is diagnosed with it, in this article we will outline some of those how to treat lice. The first, you will need to make sure that you or your child has head lice and not dandruff – they do look similar, but are entirely different.

head lice symptomsHead lice eggs call nits are small and can be tan, brown or yellow and if you try to move them, it can be difficult. If you or your child has these, you must concern how to treat lice right away!

After you have been diagnosed with head lice, the next step is to start the treatment – now, you may be so freaked out about the fact that you have head lice that you may not know where to go from there, well, we are here to help.

The first step is to wash everything that came in contact with the infected head within the past two days; head lice can only last off the scalp for two days.

Any towels, bedding, hats, clothing, pillowcases, scarves or anything else that may have come in contact with the head lice. Next, anything that can not go into the laundry such as brushes and mattresses will need to be cleaned.
A mattress can be vacuumed off and sprayed down with a household head lice treatment spray, while the brush can be either thrown out or you can clean it out and place it in boiling water to kill the head lice on it.

Finally, the head itself that holds the lice will need to be treated; many different head lice treatments are available. You should check the labels and ask your doctor about the right treatment to use. Once you found how to treat lice, you will need to apply it to the infected head – it may be a good idea to remove the clothing from the person you are treating because the medicine can stain.

Best Head Lice TreatmentNext, go ahead and follow the instructions on how long the treatment should stay on than after it is rinsed out, it is essential that you do not wash the infected scalp for a couple of days after the head lice medicine is removed – this will ensure that the head lice were killed.

There you have it, all of the treatments that you will need to go through when you find that you or your child has head lice – everything needs to be cleaned, and you need to treat the scalp with medicine that your doctor recommends.

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